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Rape Victims and Witches, Arrested and Killed.

24 Mar

British woman arrested in Dubai when she tried to report rape.
This reminds me of a story I read recently about a 14 or 15 year old white boy from Sweden who was gang raped by  men that he knew and trusted in Dubai.  When his parents tried to report the incident, they were told that if they reported it, their son would be arrested for HOMOSEXUALITY.

THE WOMAN was raped while on holiday in Dubai but when she reported it, she was arrested instead.  The 23-year-old British woman of Pakistani decent, who is said to have accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal during a three-day break.   They were celebrating and drinking, and she ‘admitted drinking too much’.  The waiter, believed to be Syrian, followed her into the bathroom and raped her while she was half conscious. So after admitting ‘illegal drinking’ outside a licensed premise, she was arrested for THAT as well as having sex outside marriage. She was sharing a hotel room with her fiance who was also charged with the same offences. So the newly engaged couple was thrown into jail, and no heed was paid to her report of rape. After being locked up, she told a cell mate she was terrified that the rapist had made her pregnant or had given her a sexually transmitted disease.  She was given access to proper medical checks and a morning-after pill only after an appeal from the British embassy staff.

She and her fiance spent several days behind bars before being freed.  The cellmate, held for alleged cheque fraud, said: “She’s a British girl but a Muslim, so I think they were tougher on her because of that.  “She was trying to report the rape but soon realised the policemen were more interested in how often she has sex with her boyfriend.  “They even asked if she (had) just normal sex or anything else in bed.” Her attacker is believed to have denied raping her.  He claimed the woman consented to having sex, but he has also been charged with “illegal sex”.  (NOTE, NOT RAPE!!!!) The Sun quoted a diplomatic source as saying: “A desperate, distressed rape victim went with her boyfriend to report the attack to police. And both wound up behind bars.  “The police and authorities in Dubai have shamed themselves by yet again displaying a breathtaking lack of compassion and humanity.”
A 16 yr old girl in Bangladesh was sentenced to receive 101 lashes after it was discovered she was pregnant as the result of rape by 20-year-old Emamul Mia last April.
The 16 yr old girl was UNDERSTANDABLY reluctant to report the rape, due to the fact that rape victims are treated as if they were willing participants of the CRIME of sex.  Also because of the intense shame and stigma foisted upon the victims.   She was quickly married her off to a man in a neighbouring village, when the pregnancy was discovered.  Her marriage ended in divorce after 30 days.    So divorced after 30 days, the rape revealed, and forced to abort the child; the family of the rapist (and village elders) decided the girl and her family needed to be punished. So not only was a fatwa issued for the lashing, the father has also been fined 1,000.

When her pregnancy was discovered, it was found she was 7 months pregnant, and the baby was aborted. She had to live at her father’s place after an abortion. Following her return, a group of so-called matbars led by Manik Mia declared that girl be kept in isolation until the family agreed on corporal punishment.
SO eight months after being raped, AND one month after the forced abortion of her child, the 16-year-old at Khargor of Kasba upazila in Brahmanbaria had to receive 101 lashes as “punishment”. On January 17, the influential group arranged the arbitration at the yard of the victim. At one stage of the inhuman torture, the girl collapsed and fainted. She regained her sense after two hours.

The arbitration also fined the victim’s father Tk 1,000 and issued another fatwa that her family would be forced into isolation if he failed to pay up.

Talking to The Daily Star, neighbours spoke in favour of the girl and blamed Enamul. They did not dare to say anything against the so-called village arbitration.  The girl’s father said members of the influential group are now keeping a watch on them so that they could not move or seek legal action.  Wahid Mia said they executed the 101 lashes on the girl following the religious edict and they did not call Enamul during the arbitration as he belongs to another village.

A team of human rights activists led by advocate Mili Chowdhury visited the spot.  Their organisation will help the victim file separate cases against the culprits, Mili said.  Kasba Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Md Jahirul Islam Khan said they would take appropriate action if the victim files a case in this regard.

Three women were whipped as a result of fatwas in the district during the last six months.


Saudi’s religious police plan to behead a woman accused of being a witch.  Human rights groups have asked the King to intervene over  “absurd charges that have no basis in law.”  Fawza  Falih was arrested and interrogated in Quraiyat 2 years ago after a man complained he was made impotent when she cast a spell on him.  She was beaten, tortured, forced to sign a confession she could not read (as she is illiterate) then sentenced to beheading.

Witchcraft is an offence against islam, according to Saudi Religious baby rapers.

The death sentence was lifted on appeal (after the world noticed) and then once they thought nobody would notice, the death sentence was later re-imposed in the name of “public interest.”


TALIBAN HANGS 7 YR OLD BOY to Punish His Family

14 Mar

AS REPORTED BY Ben Farmer in Kabul

Del Awar, aged seven, was taken at sunset and found hanging in an orchard at sunrise the following day.

Bruises and scratches around the young boy’s neck suggested his murder had been neither quick, nor easy, according to those who saw his slight body after it was cut down.

His death is widely believed to have been punishment for the stand taken by his family against the Taliban in their remote Helmand village.

Del Awar’s father, Abdul Qudoos, and grandfather, Abdel Satar, had grown tired of Taliban intimidation and the violence the militants attracted.  So, the family had either demanded rebel fighters stop using village compounds to stage ambushes or had refused a demand from the Taliban of £400 for machine guns; so in retaliation the two men were denounced as spies for NATO or the U.S. and  Del Awar’s cruel fate was sealed.

The Taliban has denied the killing, but the villagers know there is no doubt, as this is how the Taliban retains control of villagers, who are just trying to live and subsist; while the Taliban takes over their dwellings, takes their belongings, and kills their people.

Awar’s father, Abdul Qudoos, was a poor man who could not send his children to school and did not have a feud with anyone, explained Maulawi Shamsullah Sahrai, a 50-year-old elder from the village.   Apparently Awar’s father was also killed, but the only information received or available on BLOGS because the mainstream media never reports this shit, is the sentence:  “Some in the village have said the Taliban killed him for being a spy, others have said they were trying to frighten people.

“Some would rather blame it on ghosts because they are too afraid to speak about the death.”

This week a suicide bombing blamed on the Taliban which targeted a wedding party in Kandahar province apparently attended by members of a pro-Government militia, left more than 100 dead or wounded.  British and American commanders believe Taliban control is little more than intimidation which makes up for insurgents’ weakness.  But that’s a pretty weak description, as the hangings and murders of children is a pretty strong fucking intimidation technique.  If these people really want to get out from under Taliban rule, they will have to be willing to die, and see family members die.

“Whether of not a town is under Taliban control is really up to the perception of the townsfolk,” said one American officer.  “If they have a commander who is able to make threats or deliver letters at night, people can think they control the town.”  In Heratiyan, where Abdul died this week, that is how the locals feel.  “Heratiyan is totally under Taliban control,” said Maulawi Shamsullah Sahrai.  “They can do whatever they like. They have total authority.”



9 Mar

When some offbeat pastor in Florida said he was  holding a BURN THE KORAN DAY it made INTERNATIONAL NEWS and even OBONGO and his cronies hit the airwaves to DENOUNCE the blah de blah be tolerant about mudslimes, blah blah.   NOW do you hear a single thing about this????  Where is President OBONGO now with his condemnation !!!

I SEARCHED AND SEARCHED and found NOT ONE SINGLE ARTICLE in regular news about this.  ONLY in Christian organizations or anti-islamic blogs.

SAED Musa / AFGHANISTAN / convert to CHRISTIANITY / arrested as an apostate after a television broadcast of confirmation or baptism of some christians, after which an ANTI-CHRISTIAN FRENZY began and 25 people were arrested.

SADLY this is an every day occurrence under Islam, and yet the WORLD REMAINS SILENT.  STRANGELY when homosexuals are persecuted in IRAN, international headlines are made.  BUT WHEN CHRISTIANS ARE TORTURED, ABUSED, ARRESTED, EXECUTED, MURDERED FOR SIMPLY THEIR FAITH, WE HEAR NOTHING!!!

Said Musa (45), a father of six, was arrested in late May 2010 as part of a crackdown against Afghan converts to Christianity. Observers say he is likely to be charged with apostasy from Islam – a crime that is punished by death under Islamic law. Some leading political figures in Afghanistan called earlier this year for the execution of converts.  (and we are trying to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of these troglydites in our war on terror?)

This man is not only beaten, tortured, humiliated in prison every day he has also been raped.

Mr. Musa has six children, was an Afghani soldier, is an amputee, and worked for the Red Cross helping other amputees.  The National Review report includes the following:

“Nobody [wanted to be my] defender before the court. When I said ‘I am a Christian man,’ he [a potential lawyer] immediately spat on me and abused me and mocked me. . . . I am alone between 400 [people with] terrible values in the jail, like a sheep.” He has been beaten, mocked, and subjected to sleep deprivation and sexual abuse while in prison. No Afghan lawyer will defend him and authorities denied him access to a foreign lawyer. Any and every human being who is imprisoned, abused, or tortured for the free and peaceful expression of their faith deserves our support, but Musa is also a remarkable person and Christian. In a letter smuggled to the West, he says, “The authority and prisoners in jail did many bad behaviour with me about my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For example, they did sexual things with me, beat me by wood, by hands, by legs, put some things on my head.”
He added a thing much more important to him, that they “mocked me ‘he’s Jesus Christ,’ spat on me, nobody let me for sleep night and day. . . . Please, please, for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ help me.”

HERE IS HIS HEART RENDING LETTER IN FULL, which was passed to a western supporter who visited him in prison.

He wrote:
“To the international church of world and to the President Brother Barak Obama President of the United States and to the head of ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) in Afghanistan!

“My name is Said Musa 45 years old. I have been working since 15 years as a Physiotherapist in I-C-R-C (International Committee of the Red Cross) orthopaedic centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. About four and a half months before by security force of Afghanistan I (was) captured, due to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world. One person (____) he is spy of (____) [a] leader in Afghanistan. He told about me (to) the Government’s officials, ‘He’s believer, He’s head of church in (____)’. He showed my house to the security force. Since that time I am in jail. The authority and prisoners in jail did many bad behaviour with me about my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For example, they did sexual things with me, beat me by wood, by hands, by legs, put some things on my head, mocked me ‘He’s Jesus Christ’, spat on me, nobody let me for sleep night and day. Every person spat on me and beat me. Also the prosecutor wrote something wrong against me. He told from himself something wrong against me on my file.

“He is stimulating every day the prisoners against me, ‘He is also in jail due to spy for Iran country’, to reveal the church in Kabul. I’m in a very and very bad condition in the jail.

“I agree with long imprisonment about my faith even for long life. Because I’m the sinnest person in the world. Because sometimes they treated for died I refuse my faith due to died. Sometimes I tolerate the persecution but immediately I acknowledge my sin before Lord Jesus Christ: ‘Don’t refuse me before your holy angels and before your Father.’ Because I am very very weak and sinful man.

“Nobody could accept my defender before the court. If I say I am a Christian man he immediately spat on me and abuse me and mock me! I am alone between 400 handlers of terrible values in the jail like a sheep. Please, please, for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ help me. Please send a person who should supervise my document and my file, what I said in it. My prosecutor has told something wrong to the judge because he asked for money but I refused his request. Please, please you should transfer me from this jail to a jail that supervises the believers. I also agree with died on cross of my pride. I also agree with the sacrifice of my life in public, I will tell the faith in Lord Jesus Christ son of God and other believers will take courage and be strong in their faith. Hundred percent I am stable to my word. I have family of seven – one wife, three daughters and three sons. My big son [is] about eight years old. One of my daughters can’t speak, she has some mental problems.

“This is a request from me to all over the world, people please help me. I could not have any person to help. For the sake of Lord Jesus Christ please pray and immediately help me and rescue me from this jail. Otherwise, they will kill me, because I know they’re very very very cruel and hard hearted!

“Your destitute brother in the world.

“Please my English writing is not enough good. If I did some mistake please forgive me! From Kabul Provincial jail.”

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that Musa was released from prison last week. “The call came on February 21 from an official from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul confirming that Said Musa was released and safely out of the country,” ICC reports. Compass Direct has confirmed Musa’s release.

Ironically, the killings at the church in IRAQ and COPT church in Egypt helped obtain his release, upon which he was immediately swept out of the country.  I have not been able to find any information on where his family or 6 children are.  One of whom is handicapped.

My point is,  this is an ongoing every situation for our christian brothers and sisters in places like AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, NIGERIA, SOMALIA, IRAQ, IRAN, INDONESIA, TURKEY, EGYPT, PALESTINE, ETHIOPIA, SUDAN, AND MORE.


AFGHANISTAN, GROOM 17 – BRIDE 7 doesn’t even understand that she is married.

4 Mar


IRAN-Woman jailed for 3 years for protesting headscarf. Beaten, Gang Raped, Disfigured.

4 Mar

I THINK YOU SHOULD JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO.  A woman tells of her experiences with PISSLAM in Iran, arrested for telling a teacher she didn’t want to wear a headscarf.  It is somewhat difficult to watch, as she has a very hard time holding back her emotions as she speaks of her beating and vicious gang rape in prison, that caused her leg to be horribly disfigured.

Her teacher reported her for protesting wearing a headscarf to class, a week later the police came and arrested her, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison.  After 2 years they said they wanted to talk to her.  They came to her cell and beat her viciously, 3 men broke her leg THEN raped her 5 times each.  She was not taken to the infirmary for 2 days; after 15 days, she saw maggots in the wound.  She then exposes her leg to show the disfigurement from the infection to her leg.


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