14 yr old Rape Victim Dies after Public Flogging for Adultery

23 Mar

Many of you have already heard the story, which happened in BANGLADESH, a secular muslim country.   A 14 yr old girl, HENA, was raped by her much older and married  cousin MAHBUB BEGUM.   What has NOT been reported since the first article I read about the rape and ‘arrest’ by the mosque (and was very difficult for me to re-find later) is the fact that not only was she raped, it was a GRAB & DRAG into the bushes and screaming for help kind of rape.  Not something hidden behind closed doors.   I also learned a NEW evil of Islam I have never heard before.   Apparently it is SHAMEFUL FOR WOMEN TO URINATE OR DEFECATE OUTSIDE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS – and since rural peoples in this area do NOT have toilets, or often even an outhouse, it is not at all unusual for women to wait until evening.  So Hena goes out to relieve herself in the early evening, and her 40 year old cousin Shitrag, who lived nearby, dragged her off to rape her (and I have read variously a cane field or the woods, not really relevant I guess, the relevance that she was ‘dragged’ screaming).  She screamed for help and the first person on the scene was her cousin’s wife, SHILPA BEGUM.  Instead of helping her or returning her to her family, SHILPA (or Shitpa as I call her) and her brothers BEAT THE GIRL up.  HENA’S FATHER, accompanied by his relative then rescued her as they arrived on the scene in response to her screams.

As HENA’s family approached the mosque, and townspeople were also coming out to see what was happening, the rapists family accused HENA of adultery.  Rather than helping the girl at all, the Imam ordered villagers to take HENA to a room in the mosque and lock her in.  After discussion, it was AGREED that her cousin WAS GUILTY OF RAPE, however, still a fatwa was issued by local mosque in Chamta village issued a fatwa, ordering that Hena, though a victim of rape, should be given a sentence of a hundred lashes. The rapist was given a sentence of two hundred lashes, but he negotiated this down to a hundred.  He was also ordered to pay the mosque 50,000 Bangladesh Taka (US $702). After receiving between 60 to 70 lashes, Hena fell unconscious, but was still given the full 100 lashes.   Something else I just found out was that HENA’s father was ordered to PAY A FINE  (” The village elders also asked the girl’s father to pay a fine of about 50,000 Taka (£430; $700).”    AAAGH

Hena’s father filed charges with the local police, naming 18 people in the accusation. Four people were arrested, including Mohbub’s wife, and Mofiz Uddin, the imam of the Chamta village mosque, though the maximum remand was for four days. Apparently, a local union leader has been offering Hena’s father 70,000 Taka ($982) to remove the charges.

Such cases are not unique, and as is customary after such incidents, the local branch of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission made a human chain outside the offices of the District Commissioner.
Certain details in the story are vague. Hena was said to have been sentenced to 200 lashes, and the fine for Mohbub, the rapist, was only 10,000 Taka.
Today, the Bangladesh Daily Star reports that Hena had stayed for six days in hospital before she died. She had been admitted on January 25. Her family had felt shame due to the allegation of “illegal intercourse” that had led to the lashings, so they told the hospital that she had suffered injuries in a fall.  Hena was removed from the hospital before she had recovered from her injuries, apparently because the family was being placed under pressure by the local Sharia Committee and the union leader who  had tried to “pay off” Hena’s father.
The rapist ‘ran away’ but has recently been arrested by real authorities.  The four individuals who were remanded in custody have already confessed to their part in the fatal whipping.
The problem is made worse by the fact that the hospital’s post-mortem stated THERE WERE NO INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL INJURIES.   But, nurses and doctors claim they saw these, and the people who washed Hena’s body before burial spoke of seeing prominent wounds.  After a world wide outcry AND a Bangladeshi news paper (that I would love to give credit to, but I don’t know which one had the guts to print this) reported the results of the autopsy and suggested there was a COVER UP.  The poor girl was disinterred and her body taken to the capital city of Bangladesh, where an autopsy which revealed she died from blood loss, and had MULTIPLE injuries.  In a follow-up to this case, the High Court ordered doctors and nurses who dealt with Hena and who contributed to the current autopsy report to appear before the court on February 10.

“Multiple injuries were found. The girl died because of bleeding,” Deputy Attorney General Altaf Hossain told the BBC’s Bengali service.

Cousin Rapey is expected to be charged with rape AND could face murder charges if the court finds his actions led to his young cousin’s death, the BBC said.  Four other people, including a Muslim cleric, have been arrested in the case, and more arrests are possible.

Bangladesh’s high court last year outlawed punishments under Sharia, due to the the increasing amount of punishments meted out by village elders USING Sharia Law. Hena is the second person to die since that ruling. The 2nd also being a woman who was caned to death for having an affair.

Here’s a picture of little Hena,  just a girl.  I’m really getting SICK of this shit, these raping bastards, and their jealous shitass wives so willing to condemn a child out of their own jealousy.


3 Responses to “14 yr old Rape Victim Dies after Public Flogging for Adultery”

  1. helenk1949 2011/03/24 at 1:23 am #

    the girl deserved it

    • palebunnycrusader 2011/03/24 at 4:33 pm #

      Wow what an original troll. If that’s your picture Helen, you’d deserve it too under Islam you’d already be gang raped and dead for that picture.

    • euro58 2011/12/24 at 3:21 pm #

      You know what YOU deserve ?!! If thats really u in the pic. I would sodomize you for 15 day’s , than turn you over to your friendly Taliban member, have you whipped, whipped REAL good 🙂 ,( no less than 150 of course) than a good ol fashion STONING till those pretty puppies you have there flop to the dirt…. hubba hubbaa hubbaaaaaaa Cest pas mal no ?

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