Johnny, we miss you and we feel you

11 Mar

The first time I saw/heard this song, my son Keith was watching MTV and I was drawn into the room.  I think he had just died, and I began to cry.  My son didn’t understand, and I explained it to him.  Johnny, his life, his problems with alcohol and drugs,  his wife & how she had died a few months before and I just knew he wouldn’t last much longer after that.  My son then died in 2006, and now I cry every time I hear this song.  After his death, going through his burned cd’s, I found a JOHNNY CASH cd, that included not only this song but several beautiful christian religious songs, and some covers like ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ , Desperado, and I’m so Lonely I could cry (hank williams) and that made me cry even more.  My son listened to me, and apparently then learned to love Johnny after this song was released and I told him how it made me feel.  Love you Keith.  Hope you and Johnny are together now in Heaven.  ;'(


One Response to “Johnny, we miss you and we feel you”

  1. euro58 2011/03/12 at 2:55 pm #

    Great moving words…… and true ones. If there is a heaven Keith is listening to Cash strumming away up there……….. 🙂

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