IRAN-Woman jailed for 3 years for protesting headscarf. Beaten, Gang Raped, Disfigured.

4 Mar

I THINK YOU SHOULD JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO.  A woman tells of her experiences with PISSLAM in Iran, arrested for telling a teacher she didn’t want to wear a headscarf.  It is somewhat difficult to watch, as she has a very hard time holding back her emotions as she speaks of her beating and vicious gang rape in prison, that caused her leg to be horribly disfigured.

Her teacher reported her for protesting wearing a headscarf to class, a week later the police came and arrested her, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison.  After 2 years they said they wanted to talk to her.  They came to her cell and beat her viciously, 3 men broke her leg THEN raped her 5 times each.  She was not taken to the infirmary for 2 days; after 15 days, she saw maggots in the wound.  She then exposes her leg to show the disfigurement from the infection to her leg.



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