20 Muslims Attack 11 yr old Girls in WaterPark/Stockholm, SE

25 Feb

The reports are different, depending on where you read about it.

20 muslim arab/north african men taken to a water park where a father was hosting a birthday party for his 11 year old daughter, in Stockholm Sweden.  Another report says 18 males, and the Swedish newspapers refer to them as BOYS.   But that they were at the park together is not in dispute.

However, after scouring the internet, let’s take a look at how the parents of one of the children reports the disgusting horrible traumatizing event alleged incident, compared to the refugee supporters and the media.

The group of children included 4 eleven year olds, 2 boys, and the rest were 12 yr old girls.  Immediately after the arrival of the mob mentality christian hating GANG of gang rapists ‘refugees’ arrived, 4 girls quickly became the target of harassment, vile comments, by several of the scum suckers ‘poor war torn refugees who must be excused for anything they do’ at once, they were ganged up on.  The little girls were scared immediately and went away, reportedly with the 2 boys, to a badgrotta (which is like a little man made cave) to get away from the gangsters. BUT the majority of the muslim mob followed. Once inside the cave, they tore one of the 11 year old girls bathing suit off and sexually assaulted her.  When the 2 older boys tried to protect the girls, they were beaten up.  One girl ran away and got the guard, who also immediately called the police.

The gang was locked into a room at the waterpark, with their 1 staff member of the asylum house that had accompanied them there.   The waterpark attendant states that even before the visit to the pool, the filthy inhuman pigs ‘asylum seekers’ had even gone through SWEDISH CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS, AND HAD BEEN EXPLAINED TO THAT THEY SHOULD NOT VIOLATE THE GIRLS EVEN IF THEY ARE SCANTILY CLAD. That you would even have to INFORM people of something like that is DISGUSTING.  That it took mere minutes for them to decide they didn’t GIVE A SHIT about Swedish customs and traditions of NONRAPE of little girls, makes me VOMIT !!

Now the one girl who was assaulted is on sick leave from school, the others don’t want to talk about it and are awash in shame and humiliation.  Because the news is not reporting it at all, or accurately this leads to a much stronger feeling of shame and humiliation (when you read next what the media is saying you will understand).

NONE of the perpetrators have identification, no one understands their true age, they claim to be 15-17 but everyone says they look older.

This event has not been absorbed by the regular newspapers because the crime is committed by ‘unaccompanied refugee children’ – had this happened with the aggressors being SWEDISH and the VICTIM a muslim refugee IT WOULD HAVE MADE INTERNATIONAL HEADLINES.

BUT NOW the girls get embarrassed into silence, and humiliated by the sound of the silence coming from the world !!!!!!


DIRECT QUOTES EXCERPTED FROM VARIOUS MEDIA *the quotes only, not the written prose.

Aftonbladet news reported that 5 to 7 of the “boys” were alleged to have molested 3 young girls aged 11 and 12.

Police spokesperson Diana Sundin told Aftonbladet “They were touched on the back, legs, and behind. No clothes were removed,” and stated that the aggressors were ‘quickly separated from the girls.’  The boys were subsequently reported to police on suspicions of sexual molestation.

”The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. No one was raped. No one has said anything like that during interviews or in the report, but such rumours have started to spread on the internet,” the police’s Mats Eriksson told Aftonbladet.

The whole thing has gone way out of proportion.” the police’s Nilsson told the TT news agency.

SO REGARDLESS OF WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE NOW BELIEVING, THE FIRST SIDE OF THE HE SAID/COPS&MEDIA SAY STORY WAS INFORMATION GATHERED FROM A PARENT WHOSE CHILD WAS THERE AND WHO WAS MOLESTED, ACCORDING TO ONE SITE.   SO, LET’S JUST SAY THEY WERE TOUCHED ON THE LEGS, BACK, AND ‘BEHIND’.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN EXACTLY?  That some 17 year old filthy stinking somalian muslim who comes from a country where christian women and children are routinely gang raped and murdered, just ‘ran his hand’ down a girls back? Or does it mean the girl was held while what appears to be a fully grown man, pressed himself against the girl, while breathing heavily and then rubbed his fingers between the girls ass cheeks and on the insides of their thighs (their legs) while the girls held their legs tightly together and tried to protect themselves?  BACK, meaning as in when they put their  hands on the girls backs so they could shove their hands underneath their bathing bottoms and stick their fingers down into their pants trying to reach their vaginas?

DON’T TELL PEOPLE WHAT IS IN OR OUT OF PROPORTION when we all  know you government officials downplay the truth to such a minimum that it might as well be a lie.  DON’T tell parents that it’s no big deal for several large black or arab men to all start touching your 11 year old daughter who doesn’t even really know what sex is !!!  Don’t tell citizens that this rarely or never happens, that it’s not ALWAYS a muslim arab or north african.  Why are you raining down sexual predators onto our cities and onto our children.

Sweden is now turning from a place where people could walk freely without being molested, and happy children held no fear when they play outside, to a place of persecution of Swedes, gang rapes, beatings, and murder of young girls, the assaults, robbery, and murder of young men, media cover up to the point they can no longer even be termed journalists-but purveyors of the rancid brainwashing meat dished out by the elite.  TRUE JOURNALISM TAKES NO SIDES, it writes the truth – popular or unpopular, they do not withhold it or twist it into something so far from reality it could be considered a lie.  Journalists used to uncover abuses, now they help cover them up, and this is to the detriment of the Swedish people and their CHILDREN.


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